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Facial Services in Buffalo
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Bringing Facial Luxury to the Comfort of your Home

Facial Services and Treatments at Home

About Facial Concierge

Elevate Your Skin's Beauty

At Facial Concierge, we redefine skincare by delivering the essence of a luxurious spa facial directly to your doorstep. Facial Concierge is dedicated to enhancing your skin’s radiance and health, catering to a range of needs.

What sets us apart is our commitment to customization. During your facial, your esthetician will take the time to thoroughly evaluate your unique skin needs and concerns. This personalized approach ensures you receive targeted solutions for your individual goals.

At the conclusion of your service, your esthetician will review the steps necessary to maintain the health of your skin long-term.

Experience the epitome of skincare luxury with Facial Concierge, where beauty meets convenience.

Facial Concierge prioritizes gratitude over gratuity which is why we have a no tipping policy. We are thankful for the trust you place in our services.

We service the great Buffalo Area. All services include travel up to 30 miles.

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9.00 – 2.00


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4.00 – 8.00


9.00 – 7.00

Please contact for appointment outside of listed availability

Facial Services

Reveal your true beauty with comfortable in-home appointments.


Fire & Ice Facial


The fire and ice pampering skincare ritual combines two contrasting treatments to reinvigorate the skin.


Not Your Basic Facial


Start with a 60-minute custom plan after a skin analysis by our expert esthetician.


Party Facial


This 30-minute facial is tailored to accommodate parties of 2 or more consecutively.


Glowing Reviews, Beautiful You

See What Our Clients Say!

Chad Miller Customer

Eva is a skincare magician! Her facials are incredible and left my face feeling absolutely amazing. She's truly great at what she does. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to treat themselves to a wonderful skincare experience!

Ashley Leisck Customer

Eva with Facial Concierge is extremely professional and knowledgeable. One of the best facials I’ve ever had. Highly recommend her services!

Marina Shapiro Customer

Eva at Facial Concierge is the only person I trust with my skin for facials. She always customizes my facials to exactly what my skin needs. She’s also friendly, professional and I always leave my facials super relaxed.

Marina Shapiro Customer

Eva at Facial Concierge is the only person I trust with my skin for facials. She always customizes my facials to exactly what my skin needs. She’s also friendly, professional and I always leave my facials super relaxed.

Paula Miller Customer

Eva at Facial Concierge is a god send. I usually avoid facials as I don’t love my face being touched but she had me so relaxed and my skin has never looked better! Will def be back 🙂

Kait Miller Customer

The service was incredible. My esthetician was professional, warm and extremely knowledgeable. I had some skin care concerns that she was able to help me better understand and recommend a skin care routine that helped me get it under control. She left my skin absolutely glowing. I highly recommend this for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Facial Services in Buffalo
Facial Services in Buffalo

Why Choose Us

Facial Concierge

At Facial Concierge, we bring spa luxury to your doorstep, enhancing your skin’s radiance and health with tailored solutions.

Tailored Personalization

Our commitment to personalization begins with a thorough assessment, enabling our estheticians to tailor each treatment to your unique skin needs, ensuring continuous improvement.

Convenience Meets Beauty

Experience skincare luxury in the conform of your own home.. Our services combine beauty and convenience, delivering results that speak for themselves.

No Tipping Policy

We prioritize gratitude over gratuity. Facial Concierge operates with a no-tipping policy, as we genuinely appreciate your trust and support.

Get In Touch!

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Got questions or inquiries? We’re here to assist you. Reach out to us through the provided contact details or fill out the form below, and our team will get back to you promptly. Your feedback and inquiries are important to us, and we look forward to connecting with you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Discover answers to common queries about our services, booking process, and more. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us – we’re here to help.

We are focused on Korean skin care products. Korean beauty brands heavily invest in research and development, resulting cutting edge formulations, and innovative ingredients while still treating the skin with a wholistic approach.

Yes, we are fully adept at helping to identify potential underlying skin conditions and customize a facial to fit your needs.

This is highly dependent on your unique skin concerns. Your facial concierge will identify a treatment plan that will address the recommended frequency of visits.

Preferably any available space on the first floor, or even outside if weather permits. Your facial concierge will need access to an electrical outlet.

Facial Concierge’s goal is to provide a relaxing and luxurious service that leaves you feeling stress free. Our goal is for you to do as little as possible while enjoying an in-your-home spa experience.

For your first service we recommend starting with the Not Your Basic Facial service. This will allow your Facial Concierge to customize your treatment plan for your first visit as well as any future visits

Your Facial Concierge will need approximately 15 minutes to setup after arrival, and approximately 15 minutes to pack up at the completion of your service. For example, if you
book an appointment at 6PM, your Facial Concierge will arrive at 6PM and your service will begin at approximately 6:15PM.